Industry ministry outlines plans for improving productivity

June 19, 2019 - 19:14

TEHRAN – Iranian ministry of industry, mining and trade has outlined 35 plans covering seven major areas for developing the country’s industry and mining sectors, on the occasion of the National Day of Industry and Mining which is due on July 1.

As reported by IRIB, improving the business environment associated with the country’s industry, mining and trade sectors has been given significant attention in this planning and six specific programs have been defined in this regard.

In this due, reforming production processes and guidelines, eliminating or reducing the timing of license issuances, simplifying rules and regulations impeding production, removing barriers in the way of production and trade, and providing open access to information for the general public are some of the programs which are put on the agenda.

Establishing a comprehensive information system aiming to exchange information with other governmental institutions and executive agencies related to industry, mining and trade sectors, and a strategic plan for managing currency policies, bank profits and macroeconomic goals to support production in the industrial sectors as well as ranking and encouraging investors and entrepreneurs in order to increase the presence of industrial units in the national and international arenas, are some other programs which are to be followed by the industry ministry.


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