Sarein’s historic hill to turn into outdoor museum

June 26, 2019 - 19:30

TEHRAN – A northwestern Iranian hill, which embraces a ruined temple dedicated to ancient goddess of Anahita, will be turned into an outdoor museum in Sarein county, Ardebil province.

Provincial tourism chief Nader Fallahi announced the makeover on Wednesday, when he was examining an archaeological survey underway at the ancient site.

“A comprehensive [archaeological] survey has commenced at the site because it is historically significant,” the official said, CHTN reported. 

“Initial excavations suggests that the site dates to 4500 years ago but experts say it may be home to objects that date far back in time.”

Anahita, also called Anahiti, is an ancient Iranian goddess of royalty, war, and fertility; she is particularly associated with the last, according to Britannica Encyclopedia.

Possibly of Mesopotamian origin, her cult was made prominent by Artaxerxes II, and statues and temples were set up in her honor throughout the Persian Empire.

Sarein attracts more than five million tourists annually who travel to this region from different parts of Iran and the world because of its climate and hot springs. It has nine hot springs which are very different in terms of composition and properties.


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