21m Iranians undergone hypertension control test

June 29, 2019 - 19:6

TEHRAN – Over 21 million Iranians have so far undergone blood pressure test and the data have been registered by the national campaign for controlling hypertension, deputy health minister Alireza Raeesi announced.

The campaign, which began on May 17, World Hypertension Day, focuses on the issue as one of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease, which is the main reason for 40 percent of deaths in Iran.

During the campaign, which continues until July 6, people are notified about the campaign, its subject and targets and from June 6 to July 6 the field works are carried out such as taking the blood pressure of target groups, registering their information and referring the patients to physicians.

The campaign is underway in 18,000 local health centers, 6,700 health service departments, 240 clinics and 1002 hospitals nationwide and it is predicted that at least 2461 stations in different parts of cities observe blood pressure of citizens during the campaign.

Hypertension registry is carried out through two methods; each can submit their blood pressure information on the Ministry’s network, or can refer to the hypertension stations, medical centers or clinics, which register the data on a comprehensive network called integrated health system.

Some 404,000 individuals have registered their blood pressure information on the ministry’s network, Raeesi said, ISNA reported on Tuesday.

He further noted that blood pressure stations also have measured the blood pressure of about 5.4 million people nationwide, adding 13,751 stations have been stablished across the country.

So far, some 15.1 million information also have been submitted on the integrated health system, he also added.

He further called on the residents aging 30 or above to refer to the stations in order to find out whether they are hypertensive, and start early intervention.

Worldwide, raised blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, about 12.8% of the total of all deaths, according to WHO.

In mid-May, the health ministry’s director for non-communicable diseases Afshin Ostovar announced that about 100,000 Iranians die of high blood pressure annually.


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