Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism’s Letter to William Rogers

July 4, 2019 - 17:47

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT) Public Relations – On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the missile attack to the airliner in the Persian Gulf, ADVT requested the commander of the Vincennes to confess and provide access to justice for the victims of the terrorist crime.

The letter follows:

Mr. William Rogers, former commander of Vincennes,

On 3 July 1988, you committed another crime against humanity in the history by firing a missile to the airliner in the sky of the Persian Gulf. In this terrible crime, 290 innocent people were killed in a moment, including 66 children and 53 women.

The unreasonable US authorities encouraged you like Mr. Paul W. Tibbets in Hiroshima instead of punishing and prosecuting the perpetrator in a court. They awarded Medal of Honor and increased the sadness of the survivors of this catastrophe. Regardless of the show of awarding Medal of Honor, your name will be alongside Saddam, Hitler, Mussolini, Sharon, and Paul Tibbets as an exemplar of wickedness and a lesson of a symbol of evil, immorality and corruption in the human beings society.

The justification of the crime by awarding Medal of Honor to you is a clear indication of the pre-planning the crime, which is approved by the evidence.

Conscience is the only internal judge that blames the criminals after committing the crime, and there is no escape from it until death. Suicide of thousands of your country's military forces who return from Middle East confirms it.

Commemorating the memory of the 290 innocent passengers of the terrific crime, Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism request you to use the opportunity of the 31st anniversary and review the catastrophe and express your judgment to the community in order to provide part of the truth and access to justice for the families of the victims.

Concerning this human action, it is hoped that you take a small step in reducing your punishment in the court of public opinion and help other sleeping consciences follow common sense and respect for human dignity.

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