By Abdullahi Junaidu

Are you calling us Terrorist?

August 2, 2019 - 13:40

KATSINA/ NIGERIA-  Recently, the desperate and murderous Nigerian Govt under the administration of western puppet bloodthirsty tyrant Buhari, declared Islamic Movement under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Zakzaky as "terrorist" which shows the govt blunder and failure clearly, this declaration was objected and confronted  by many rationale and conscious people from in and outside Nigeria.

Before then, let’s go back to history and see Islamic Movement record.

By now Islamic Movement is more than 40 years from it's emergence but we have no single record of violent neither assaulting of our enemies nor attacking public properties despite the fact that our enemies are not hidden to us.

In every holy month of Ramadan, Sheikh Zakzaky used to distribute foodstuffs to his neighborhood and charity, even this last Ramadan though the Sheikh is in illegal custody, he directed his relatives to do so, and they did. There are still eyewitness of this. Whoever is doubting can go and ask the right and rationale people living in Gyallesu where Sheikh Zakzaky was residing. Is this a criminality?

During 2011 election riot raised by the supporters of the then loser current President Buhari under his direction, where they used to burn Christian's shops and residents in most cities of Kaduna state, there were tens of Christians that were saved in Sheikh Zakzaky resident in order not to be killed or harmed by the thugs,

During workers strike in clinics and majority hospitals, medical teams among the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky across the country used to attend the affected hospitals and give emergency and first aid assistance.

On 2014 During the attack by the then President Good luck Ebele Jonathan on peaceful protesters in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians, where 30+ of our members including 3 biological children of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky were brutally and mercilessly killed by the soldiers barbarians, some of their personnel were captured by us, and been later released due to the mercy of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky.

During our religious duty "Arba'een trek" in solidarity with Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S), Govt attacked us at Kano point, where 30+ from us attained martyrdom, one from the attackers was arrested and later released after finding that he was innocent, "he was used by force and sent into us" by Govt agency, he was released under the direction of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky.

Those kind of examples that happened at different times and occasions are many.

The worst among all is that Nigerian Soldiers attacked our leader on December 2015 were 1000+ children, men, and women of our members were brutally and mercilessly killed including additional 3 biological children of our leader, his biological sister who was 70+  was locked into a room and set ablaze, resident of our leader was demolished. 

Sheikh Zakzaky was dragged on the corpses of his killed children.

Despite all these atrocities, we followed legal and peaceful channel and sued Nigerian Govt into court, the federal high court made a verdict that Sheikh Zakzaky must be freed and continue detaining him is illegal and unconstitutional.

This murderous Govt refuse to obey court order and free our leader, we happened to be on the street taking placards and pictures of our martyrs enlightening the public about the heinous crime against humanity meted on us by Buhari led Govt and demand the release of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky, joint of security operatives came many times and attacked us with live ammunition, killed many of us on the street and sometimes went on with the corpses, hundreds of our protesters are arrested and kept in custody without trial despite the injury in their body.

Despite these atrocities, we remain peaceful and still following legal channel to see our leader free.

In these predicaments that we found ourselves, who has the audacity to blame us if we carry arms?

It is well known to every right-thinking person that any human being has a limitation of resisting oppression, but despite all these, we still remain peaceful and now this murderous govt has the audacity to declare us as "Terrorist" despite all the atrocities meted on us. Do you want us to let our spiritual leader dying slowly in your illegal gulag? I can't understand how a bunch of idiots those that are leading this administration are if you don't know, Sheikh Zakzaky is our red line.

Please! To those right-thinking people, who is supposed to be called a "Terrorist" between Nigerian Govt and Followers of Sheikh Zakzaky?

Based on my assumption any Government that cannot simply obey court order is not supposed to be called a Govt but "Terrorist Organization"

Killing of peaceful protesters is never an achievement but a heinous crime against humanity.

I want to inform the general public that nobody has a capability to proscribe us no matter what will be the consequence.

What we are doing is our religious duty, and nobody can stop us from practicing our religious.

Finally, I want to this murderous govt to be rest assured that we will continue to protest demanding the release of our leader Sheikh  Zakzaky until the demand is granted.

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