“The Arms of the Night” appears in Iranian bookstores

August 3, 2019

TEHRAN – Renowned French writer of detective novels Frédéric Dard’s book “The Arms of the Night” (“Les bras de la nuit”) has recently been published in Persian by Jahan-e Ketab Publications in Tehran.

The book is about a chief inspector who is investigating a case in which a CEO has been missing for a few days and everyone in his company is looking for him. 

The CEO’s wife, Doris, is their number one suspect in the case, a fact that causes the inspector to visit her frequently, and little by little, he falls in love with her. 

French filmmaker Jacques Guymont made a screen adaptation of the book in 1961, starring Danielle Darrieux, Roger Hanin and Pierre Destailles. 

Translated by Abbas Agahi, “The Arms of the Night” is Dard’s 18th book that is published in Persian.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian version of “The Arms of the Night” by French author Frédéric Dard.


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