Photos to display old days of Hamedan at Tehran exhibit 

August 4, 2019 - 18:33

TEHRAN – Axkhaneh Shahr, Iran’s photo museum in Tehran, plans to showcase a collection of photos of the western Iranian city of Hamedan in the old days in an exhibition, which will open on Tuesday.

The collection accumulated by photographer Samira Sabzi contains over 40 photos taken by Iranian and foreign photographers during the Qajar period (1789–1925) and Pahlavi era, the museum announced in a press release on Sunday. 

The photos selected from the archives of the Golestan Palace in Tehran, the Central Library and Archives of the University of Tehran, the National Library and Archives of Iran, the Harvard University Archives and several other organizations.

Sabzi originally collected the photos for her new book “History of Photography in Hamedan”, which is scheduled to be unveiled during the opening ceremony of the exhibition titled “Old Frame of Hamedan”.

The book studies those people who played a key role in the development of photography in Hamedan. It also provides materials about the outstanding photo shops and photographers of the city, which is home to the highly eminent and celebrated Islamic scientist Avicenna.

Besides its pre-Islamic sites, including the ruins of the ancient Median city of Ecbatana, the city also comprises some important monuments belonging to the Islamic period. 

The exhibition will run until August 29 at Axkhaneh Shahr located in Bahare Shiraz Park near Bahare Shiraz Square.

Photo: Dome of eminent scientist Avicenna’s mausoleum is seen in a photo from Samira Sabzi’s book “History of Photography in Hamedan”. 


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