By Abdullahi Junaidu

As we celebrate this Eid

August 14, 2019 - 12:1

JIGAWA/ NIGERIA - As majority of Muslims Ummah are celebrating Eidel kabeer today

I want to use this opportunity to join you on this precious day as the day of blessing and mercy has passed "Arafat day", may God accept our deeds and forgive our bad.

As millions of people are busy celebrating this day, remember Sheikh Zakzaky  who is still in illegal detention over 3 years since December 2015 after inhumane and brutal attacked by Nigerian Army under the order of this desperate and failed Government led by clueless and tyrant President Buhari, the puppet of Western imperialist and savage Saudi Regime that are killing innocent people in Yemen.

Sheikh Zakzaky  is still in an illegal detention despite the court order to release him since December 2016, and recent court verdict that ordered both the Sheikh and his wife to attend medical treatment in India but the Government complies with neither first nor the second court order due to the interest of Western countries over the saga overtly and covertly especially America, Israel and Saudi Arabiya. They want to eliminate any voice that use to utter the truth and expose their barbaric plot in the world and specifically in Nigeria.

During the Saudi sponsored Zaria Genocide Sheikh Zakzaky lost 3 of his biological children and over 1000+ of his followers, while his resident been demolished.

He is suffering from gunshots, and other seven critical illness that were caused due to the absence of proper medication, so also his wife. Since from then his health condition continues to deteriorate which herald him losing one eye.

Months ago expert doctors from foreign countries were invited to investigate the health condition of the ailing Sheikh and his injurious wife.

After series of investigations and diagnostics made by the doctors, they have finally urged the Government to take the ailing Sheikh and his wife to abroad for proper medical treatment due to the lack of good equipment in the Nigeria.

Recently state high court made a verdict that the Sheikh and his wife must be taken to India for medication because anytime from now the Sheikh can loose his life as the judge said.

But till date these wicked and monster people that were installed as administrators of this country by western power in order to please them, refuse to comply with the court order. 

All these are happening just because western countries want the Sheikh to die slowly in custody, and this will never happen by God grace.

It is clearly that this Zaria massacre was planned in Israel, sponsored by savage Wahhabi barbarians "Saudi Arabia" and supervised by America.

I want this tyrannical Govt to be rest assured that denying Sheikh Zakzaky trip is never an achievement, this will only herald to the national disability.

Moreover denying Sheikh's trip is a contempt of court and a threat to national security though there is no security but it will worsen the situation.

The world needs to know this kind of barbaric and inhumane act taking place in our country "Nigeria".

Please my fellow human being! As you're celebrating this day, I'm pleading you to include Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and his injurious wife in your prayers.

And for the tyrants and oppressors, i want to assure you that one day you will woefully fail by God grace, this kind of brutality has a limit, and whatever you perpetrated will never be swept under the carpet.

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