“23 Individuals” to come to Iranian theaters in November

August 18, 2019 - 18:15

TEHRAN – Mehdi Jafari’s acclaimed movie “23 Individuals”, about 23 young Iranian volunteers who were captives during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, is scheduled to go on screen at Iranian theaters during November. 

The film is based on “Those 23 Individuals”, the memoirs of Ahmad Yusefzadeh, one of the 23 volunteers who were held captive for a long period of time in Iraq.

The book tells of the early months of the volunteers’ captivity and the events they confronted, and later their visit with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

At that time, Iraq tried to manipulate the volunteers in its propaganda campaign against Iran. However, all their attempts failed miserably, thwarted by magical tricks done by the volunteers.

“23 Individuals”, which premiered at the 37th Fajr Film Festival in February, has received several awards.  

It won the Golden Simorgh for best film from the national point of view at the Fajr festival as well as the best film award at the 8th edition of the Qoqnus Screen Awards.

It also came in first with six awards at the National Will Manifestation Awards, which are presented to those films that promote issues being pursued by some public organizations and institutes, and the winners are selected from the films screened at the Fajr Film Festival every year.

“23 Individuals” was named best film of the year for its promotion of peace and sacrifice, by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in March.

Photo: A scene from Mehdi Jafari’s epic movie “23 Individuals”.  


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