Iranian parliament moves to retake oil money from UK, U.S. after 1953 coup 

August 18, 2019 - 21:43

TEHRAN – Members of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) have presented a 10-point anti-U.S. plan to the Majlis presiding board, a member of the board revealed on Sunday.

Ali Asghar Yusofnejad said the plans include obliging the government to “retake America and England’s revenues from Iranian oil after the 28 Mordad (1953) coup d’etat and also to redeem the rights of the victims of the coup.”

According to the lawmaker, among the plans also is one to support anti-arrogance research institutes, as well as barring representatives of foreign media outlets whose countries support U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Another plan calls on the government to sue Hollywood and the U.S. cinema and TV industries “for insulting the Iranian nation and history,” according to Yusofnejad.

The source added that another plan “obliges military forces to reveal America’s military and security information in West Asia within national interests.”

There are also plans to support the production of anti-American movies as well as to sanction some U.S. officials, he said.


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