Iran come third at World Transplant Games 2019

August 24, 2019

TEHRAN – Iran delegation finished in third place at the 2019 World Transplant Games.

The Games brought 2,300 competitors from 56 countries together in Newcastle, England from Aug. 17 to 23.

Team GB won the Games, with a medal total of 205 gold, 152 silver, 127 bronze.

The U.S. took second place, winning 67 gold, 51 silver and 38 bronze medals.

Iran came third with 26 gold, 36 silver and 33 bronze medals.

As the name suggests, the International Olympic Committee recognized Games bring together organ and transplant recipients and donors from over 60 countries, every two years. The athletes showcase their eagerness for life, triumph over adversity and evoke a dream for a better tomorrow, through their life-changing efforts.

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