National biodiversity monitoring plan prepared

August 25, 2019 - 20:1

TEHRAN – A national plan on monitoring biodiversity has been prepared to manage natural resources and react to changes accordingly in order to maintain protection for the valuable nature, Department of Environment (DOE) deputy chief for natural environment and biodiversity, announced.

Biodiversity occurs within and amongst dynamic environmental stressors and a rapidly changing society, ISNA quoted Hamid Zohrabi as saying on Sunday.

Greater biodiversity implies greater health and robustness, he noted, adding, monitoring biodiversity is essential in several ways.

It guides management action by providing data on threats and impacts from human interactions or changing environmental conditions, he said, adding, it is vital to investigate and determine the indices of sustainability and planning for improvement of natural resources condition.

Moreover, it is essential to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation management and interventions, he also noted.

He further highlighted that it also reports on the status of particular species and ecosystems to responsible bodies as well as in fulfillment of regional and international biodiversity conservation agreements.

And it manages the exploitation of renewable natural resources based on environmental standards and sustainable development, he added.

It helps developing criteria for utilization of wildlife, natural resources and biodiversity, he also stated.

Monitoring of rangelands and forest ecosystems including, Hyrcanian, Zagros, Avicennia marina, monitoring of soil erosion and sand and dust storms, and investigating strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and limitations for managing the biodiversity efficiently, are among the other goals of the plan, he explained.

A total budget of 1.2 trillion rials (nearly $29 million) has been proposed to implement the plan over the next five years, he said, adding, “We hope that the government and Majlis (parliament) allocate the required fund.”

A strategic monitoring initiative as well as obligations and commitments of the government has led to the development of a regional biodiversity monitoring plan which can play a significant role in economic and social aspects of the country, he said.

“During flood events, wetlands highly reduced the damages and devastations, so, where there was a mismanagement of natural resources, flood damage was multiplied.”

Spending on biodiversity conservation is actually an investment for sustainability and economic growth, he concluded.


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