Summer Vacation Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to travel cheap

August 26, 2019

The hot months are synonymous with vacations. Summer is the period of the year when almost everyone takes a longer rest.

The demand for travel increases and with it the prices of products such as tour packages, hotel s, meals ... and flight tickets with which to fly to our destination.

In this a rticle we will focus on this last point. The plane ticket is one of the most relevant expenses when we make the budget for the next vacation. But…

Is it possible to find price bargains even in the high season? How to adjust the price of tickets using the best meta-search engines? How much can we save if we adapt our departure and return dates at the best rates?

First let’s talk about the best tricks to find the cheap flight tickets:

1. Consider alternative airports

Many medium-sized cities have only one airport, so you have no other choice as to which one will fly in or out. However, many capitals have several airports, to which different companies go. Before booking, see where each one is and calculate the cost to each of them. Sometimes we can find cheaper flights but, because of its remoteness to the city center, we end up paying more in transportation.

2. Don't focus only on nonstop flights

The exclusive search for nonstop flights is one of the most common travel mistakes many people make, especially on long trips. Obviously, they are faster and easier, but sometimes saving far outweighs the added journey time.

3. Be flexible with travel dates

The cost of the plane ticket also depends on the day of the week you fly. Simply by changing the day of the week you can save between 10 and 40 percent per ticket. In addition, airlines offer cheaper fares to fly the days of the week with less traffic.

4. Prepare only the necessary luggage

If you do not want to have to pay more for your flights, it is important that you make sure how much maximum luggage is allowed and avoid additional last-minute costs.

Take advantage of the 'low-cost' wave

To start you have to keep in mind that we live in a privileged time for travel lovers. It has never been so easy and cheap to fly across the world, whether on shorter or longer journeys. The expansion of commercial aviation experienced a turning point at the beginning of this century, with the arrival of the first low-cost or 'low-cost' airlines

Although these airlines have so far focused on short and medium radius routes (shorter routes, for example within a country or between European cities), in recent years firms have begun to bet on long journeys (flights that cross the Atlantic) with fares more typical of 'low-cost'. This model has been replicated by large global aviation groups with new airlines such as Level (of the IAG group, the same as Iberia) or Joon (Air France).

Due to the high competition between them, all the companies are used to simultaneously launch reduced routes coinciding with the summer period. Another usual formula is to launch new routes with remarkably discounted prices during the first weeks of sale.

In both cases it is key to be attentive to these types of offers to take advantage of them. Two useful tips to achieve this goal: sign up for the newsletters of companies like Eligasht, where they announce all these news, and follow them on their main social networks, where special or last-minute reduced rates are advertised.

Make the most of the flight and hotel search engines

When you are clear about the destination of your vacation but do not want to leave the entire budget of the trip on tickets, you only need two things: a computer and a little time. There are currently many meta-search engines on the network with which to investigate the lowest prices for a route or book a hotel on specific date.

For the ease in its use and its ability to filter airline fares from around the world, the Eligasht portal should be mentioned. Here are a series of tricks to get the most out of it and achieve maximum savings:

Select as destination a city instead of a specific airport. Sometimes the cheapest airlines travel to less known but equally well located cities.

Once you get the results of your search, the available tickets start with the cheapest one. If you are going to buy different flights with connections, look carefully at the departure times and filter the results in the right column with the convenient schedules.

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