By Sondoss Al Asaad

Twins of Resistance: Twins of Martyrdom 

August 28, 2019 - 15:38

BEIRUT - Two of Hezbollah resistance's fighters Hassan Yousef Zabeeb, 23, and Yasser Ahmad Daher, 22, martyred late Saturday night, during a hostile Zionist strike, in Aqraba area, in Damascus countryside. The story of Hassan and Yasser reflects how Martyrdom, to our youth, has become an honourable purist chased by those who perceive the true meaning of dignity and freedom.  

The twins of courage's friendship is truly exceptional, as their colleagues and friends recount. They had become friends since they were students at the Mahdi Shahed High Schools in Borj el-Brajneh, in the southern suburb of Beirut. They engineered their life early enough, a praiseworthy life which lasts long, and through which both recorded, for the upcoming generations, unforgettable lessons of piety, determination, commitment and awareness.

After they graduated from the high school, Hassan and Yasser applied to Hezbollah's Educational Mobilization Institution for a scholarship in Iran, to study Aerospace Engineering.They had already chosen that major, with the sincere intention to join the resistance and advance its capabilities, earnest to their covenant with God and eagerly awaiting to join the convoy of the holy martyrs.

Hassan and Yasser's friends note that they had together pledged that if one's application was not accepted, the other would not travel alone and that they would major the same, at the same college. Indeed, they were wholly alerted that this righteous resistance demands highly accomplished students who exert maximum efforts to empower its units. They pledged allegiance to the sacred blood of their predecessors who have paved our way of liberation, honour and steadfastness.    

Hassan and Yasser's scholarships were approved; thus they then travelled to the Iranian city of Qazvin to study the Persian language, where they stayed for almost 8 months, in one room at the university dormitory. Next, they got disappointed as Hassan had to head towards Isfahan while Yasser towards Mashhad.

The two young men could painstakingly go beyond this ordeal of attending different universities and getting separated. They had been together for so long, became true brothers, studied together, had ups and downs and held special spot in each other's hearts. However, Distance made no difference and was not for the faint of Hassan and Yasser's spirits as they had occasional meetings from one time to another.

After strenuous attempts, the friends succeeded to finally reunion and move to Imam Hussein University (AS) in Tehran, where they regained their cheerful souls, it is like no time has passed at all. They emerged victorious and miles failed neither to drive a wedge between their extraordinary spiritual closeness nor to shake such divine sturdy ambition they had. 

The two young men returned to Lebanon and joined the same unit in the resistance, as they had firmly insisted to work at the same position and to never apart. Hassan and Yasser's impenetrable bond could never rip apart as both were obviously far too invested in each other and committed to a lofty cause: Martyrdom. 

It is outstanding to be around such courageous company that forces courage and willpower to seep into your soul. A friend says that he had recently asked Hassan if he is going to take part in Ziyarat al-Arbaeen this year. ''He just laughed,'' he notes. For silence is the sign of acceptance, yes they will both attend the sacred rituals this year after they had long been sincere companions of the Hussein of their time, i.e. Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah. 

Hassan and Yasser were resting together in a house in Damascus, on the night of the Zionist treacherous assault. As they vowed to never part, martyrdom failed to separate them and instead, as they long yearned, united their dedicated souls forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time!

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