Nepalese gallery hosts exhibition of Iranian artists  

September 7, 2019 - 18:34

TEHRAN – “To Remember”, a mixed-media exhibition by Iranian artists Farshid Davudi, Maryam Ashkanian and Sima Shahmoradi, has been organized at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, in Kathmandu, Nepal, the organizers have announced.

The artists mainly focused on expressing the history of Iran by acrylic, newspaper and fabric works.

“The main attraction in artworks is the way the picture could be understood in different dimensions if one looks at it either close-up or with their camera,” MC, a local website, wrote about the exhibition, which was opened by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts Chancellor K. K. Karmacharya and, Nepal Tourism Board CEO Deepak Raj Joshi on August 28.

“A painting that looks like a cup or a sketch of a girl from afar turns into a portrayal of bloodshed and a battlefield when looked at closely,” it added.

The exhibition came to an end on September 4.

Photo: An artwork by Sima Shahmoradi.


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