By Ramin Hossein Abadian

Saudi war crimes record in Yemen: Massacre in Dhamar

September 8, 2019 - 8:13

TEHRAN - Saudi Arabia has recently committed a new crime in Yemen. The forces of the Saudi regime recently bombed a prison in Dhamar. Following the brutal attack, at least 130 people were killed and thus another war crime was added to Saudi Arabia’s record in Yemen.

The Saudi war crime in Dhmar was followed by Yemeni officials’ reactions. Abdus Salam, the Yemeni negotiating committee chairman, said the crime of Saudi aggressors against a prison in Dhmar conveys an important message to all Yemenis. He said: “The message of this crime is that the blood of all you Yemenis is of no value to the aggressors”. Abdus Salam clarified that the Saudi aggressors started the lunar New Year by attack on the Dhmar detention center and crimes against Yemenis.

Meanwhile, Fabrizio Carboni, the Middle East Director of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), responded to bombing of prison in Dhmar by posting a message on Twitter. He wrote: “Attacking a prison in Dhmar is alarming. We visited this prison regularly. We dispatched a medical team to the scene to provide first aid.”

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, also reacted to the crime. He stated: “We condemn the crime that the U.S.-Saudi Arabia coalition committed in Dhmar. The commission of this crime represents the peak of hatred, moral and human bankruptcy, and frustration of aggressors in fighting with our nation.”

Al-Houthi said the one who sells his own country is wretched. He emphasized that what the aggressors did to prisoners is another evidence to prove that the Saudi-led coalition considers shedding the blood of all Yemenis, even their own devotees, as permissible. “The Saudi-led coalition targeted the prisoners in Dhmar, many of whom were to be released as part of prisoner swap. The betrayers should know if they do not clarify their position against this crime, they will be the losers.”

Al-Houthi added: “Today we see that betrayers admit that what is happening is occupation and aggression. Saudi Arabia and the UAE send betrayers to war and kill them when they withdraw, and probably target them to put pressure on them. We announce to all those who fight alongside the enemy or send their children to the front line to accompany the aggressors that they should review their calculations. Saudi Arabia and the UAE see the betrayers as goods and treat them as they wish. The one who serves the enemy, associates them and support their crimes has no dignity.”

Meanwhile, the Amnesty International, called for an independent investigation into the Saudi-led coalition’s air raid on prisoners in Dhmar. The amnesty called it the worst raid in the country during the last lunar year and said due to this air raid on the detention center, the building in which 170 prisoners were kept, was destroyed and most of prisoners were killed. It asked the international community to step up efforts to stop the attacks.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia and its allies have proven that human rights have no value in their view, and, contrary to what they claim, they are willing to commit any kind of war crimes, such as the incident in Dhmar, to achieve their plots. The figures regarding the casualties in the Yemen war are evidence of this fact. In this regard, the ACLED (The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project) revealed a new statistics on the number of victims of the Yemen war.

The organization said in a report published by the Associated Press that during more than four years since the beginning of the Yemen war at least 91,000 people have been killed. According to the organization, only about 12,000 Yemenis have been killed by the Saudi-led coalition since the beginning of the current year. The figure was about 6,000 last year. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), by publishing a report, had earlier stated that 5,000 to 6,000 children were killed and injured due to the Yemen war.  

In addition to the aforementioned, the use of internationally banned weapons, such as chemical bombs, on residential areas in different provinces of Yemen has caused thousands of people die or suffer from acute diseases. This means that we are witnessing a human rights disaster in Yemen, and aggressors are literally “slaughtering human rights” in front the eyes of the international community.

However, the United States continues to trade with the Yemenis’ blood, providing arms to Saudi Arabia and its partners in the war on the country.

While U.S. Congressmen prohibited any sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia by approving a resolution, Donald Trump vetoed the resolution to show that arms market has more value than the lives of the innocent people in Yemen.  

This is clearly why the United States is said to be assisting Saudi Arabia in the war crimes in Yemen. Another point regarding the horrible war crimes by Saudi Arabia is that Riyadh has not achieved any success in five years of bombing campaign against Yemen. It is now attempting to cover up its defeats in the country by committing war crimes.

It is clear that the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia cannot help hide its disgraceful defeats in the country, and that the army and popular committees of Yemen will, in the not-too-distant future, respond strongly to the newest war crimes of Saudi Arabia and its allies in Dhmar.

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