By Alireza Hashemi

Epstein Case: Another Manifestation of Israeli Influence Over Western MSM

September 13, 2019 - 13:47

In a world with functioning media, the Guardian, the New York Times, the BBC and other MSM outlets would vie to dig out the truth in the case and reveal Epstein’s affiliation with Israel.

Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious Wall Street “financier” who reportedly committed suicide early August, has frequently made headlines in the western press in the past couple of months.

Epstein’s shocking case involving hundreds of victims has been followed by the public for months, with people wondering how the monster had avoided a public trial and got away real punishment for years.

Epstein was convicted in a sex-related case in 2008, but he evaded strict sentencing and served only a year in prison.

This year, he was implicated in a separate case. But this time he had been denied bail and faced up to 45 years behind bars on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

The Epstein controversy has all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, but it appears that no one in the mainstream media is interested in such angels.

The MSM has scantily pointed to Epstein’s connections with Israel and his Jewish roots.  

It seems the MSM are instead concealing the shame by hyping sexual aspects of the case.

 A Sexual Blackmail Operation?

Let’s have a recap of the evidence suggesting Epstein’s case could have espionage dimensions.

The pedophile was operating his sex network out of his properties in New York and Florida as well as his private island in the Caribbean.

His mansions were reportedly equipped with hidden cameras and microphones in the bedrooms, which could be used to record sexual encounters between high-profile guests and teen girls, who were recruited to provide “massaging” services to customers.

The filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service gathering material to blackmail politicians and public figures.

Those blackmailed would undoubtedly cooperate with the services involved to avoid a major scandal.

Most likely, Epstein was laying the groundwork for Israeli espionage activities. There is almost no other viable explanation for his filming of big politicians and celebrities having sex with young women.

According to the New York Times, a trove of sealed court records name over thousands of people who are connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

Reportedly, Epstein kept a black book identifying many of his social contacts, including Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, George Mitchell, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman and Edward de Rothschild.

Those people are the type of influential figures Israel would seek to coerce into cooperation.

Epstein has been reported to have been particularly close to Clinton, the former US president remembered by his sexual scandal involving the 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Bill and Jeffrey were so close that the latter was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was present at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010.

Epstein was also close to US President Donald Trump and there a handful of photos on the web showing the two besides each other.

In fact, the case gained more traction due to Trump’s role, as Trump’s Democrat opponents were for months calling for the resignation of Trump’s former secretary of labor Alexander Acosta, who had allegedly helped Epstein skip public trial in 2008 as the top federal prosecutor in Miami.

Interestingly, Acosta has openly admitted he went light on Epstein because he was told the financier “belonged to intelligence.”

 Epstein’s Jewish Roots

Many high-profile Jewish players have continued to turn up like bad pennies in the Epstein case, but no reporter in the western media seems to be interested in pursuing that angle.

Epstein, born from Jewish parents in 1953 in New York City, began his working life in 1974 as a teacher at Manhattan’s Dalton School, which was run at the time by the Jewish educator Donald Barr.

Jeffery then changed to the finance world in 1976, joining Bear Sterns, the Wall Street’s quintessential Jewish firm run by Alan Greenberg.

In 1981, Epstein founded his own consulting firm to provide financial services to various governmental and high-profile clients from across the world.

Epstein supported many Jewish organizations and was a board member of the pro-Israel Wexner Foundation. He also had friendship with dozens of Israel supporters, from Alan Dershowitz to Howard Rubenstein to Larry Summers to Gary Ginsberg to Ron Perelman.

Moreover, Epstein appears to have had contact with former Israeli president Shimon Peres and former premier Ehud Barak and had a financial stake in a startup run by Barak that was connected to Israeli’s defense industry. 

Epstein’s contact with the Israeli intelligence may have come through his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly helped bring him, girl victims. 

Ghislaine is the daughter of the Anglo-Jewish businessman Robert Maxwell, an alleged Mossad spy who was given a state funeral by Israel after he died in 1991.

 MSM Unwilling to Dig for Truth

In a world with functioning media, the Guardian, the New York Times, the BBC and other MSM outlets would vie to dig out the truth in the case and reveal Epstein’s affiliation with Israel.

But the western MSM work hard to divert attention from a fact so obvious to the public: Epstein wasn’t just a shameless pedophile. Most likely, he was an agent affiliated with an intelligence agency, or more than one.

Epstein’s connections with the Israeli leaders have been addressed by the Israeli media, but they have largely focused on Epstein’s ties with Barak, who ran in the Israeli elections earlier this year. Barak has claimed reports on his partnership with Epstein were being published the influence the outcome of the votes.

Interestingly, the pro-Israel Jewish Chronicle has sought to label the espionage speculations as a “conspiracy theory” created by “online theorists”.

 Gross Corruption in Political Class

The investigation into Epstein and his activities stopped late last month, with a federal judge dismissing the charges against the financier and closing the sex trafficking case.

The verdict came less than three weeks after Epstein reportedly hanged himself in his cell.

One could wonder how he managed to kill himself since he attempted to take his own life late July and supposed to have been stripped of anything that could be used for suicide.

With the financier dead, many of his secrets will have gone to the grave with him and it will probably be impossible to shed light the depth of Israeli espionage in the west.

Given the high stakes in the game, most likely there will be a cover-up of what Epstein was all about.

But the case served as yet another example of bias in favor of Israel in the western press.

This should be to nobody’s surprise, as the western mainstream media generally refuses to address cases of Israeli spying against the US.

Similarly, Israel’s war crimes and expansionist policies also go unchallenged by the western MSM.

The fate of this case might prove similar to the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which blocked any examination of the Israeli role.

The case also exposes gross corruption at the top echelons of power in America.

The political class in the west is morally compromised and the mainstream media as a whole do little but veil the truth.

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