Art Bureau honors “Barren” writer Mohammadreza Bairami

September 29, 2019 - 17:35

TEHRAN – Mohammadreza Bairami, the writer of the acclaimed Persian novella “Barren” who was also selected as Iran’s best writer of the past 40 years in February, was honored during a ceremony at the Art Bureau in Tehran on Saturday. 

The ceremony was attended by a number of cultural officials and literati, including Art Bureau director Mohsen Momeni-Sharif and writers Reza Amirkhani, Ahmad Dehqan and Hossein Fattahi.

In his brief speech, Momeni-Sharif said that Bairami knows the Persian language perfectly and that’s why his works are flawless.

“He is also very successful in rural literature, and his readers can feel his bond with rural life,” he added. 

Calling Bairami the greatest author of his generation, Dehqan said: “He has some masterpieces that no one else could have written.”

“He is a born writer. Bairami is not only a writer but also an artist who can inspire others,” Fattahi noted. 

Expressing his gratitude, Bairami said that he is ready to write for teenagers once again and to continue his series, “The Tales of Sabalan”. 

“The world of writing is really amazing. It will never end and I will always live in this world,” he concluded.

Bairami was born in 1965 in northwestern Iran in a village at the foot of Sabalan Mountain. He is the author of more than 30 novels and collections of short stories, for which he has received many literary awards. 
His credits include “The Smoke behind the Hill”, “The Eagles of Hill Sixty”, “Wolves Aren’t Scared of Snow”, “The Fifth Chapter of Silence”, “The Last Seven Days” and “The Mountain Called Me”.

His novella “Barren” on the blight of war was picked as best novel at the Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Awards, Iran’s most lucrative literary award, in 2016.

In a poll conducted by the Shahrestan Adab Cultural Institute in February, Bairami was selected as Iran’s best writer of the past 40 years.

Photo: Mohammadreza Bairami (L) accepts his own picture from writer Reza Amirkhani during a ceremony held by the Art Bureau to honor the writer in Tehran on September 28, 2019. (M. Hossein Movahhedinejad/Tasnim)


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