Judiciary sacks five corrupt judges

October 13, 2019 - 17:55

TEHRAN – Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran’s prosecutor general, announced on Sunday the dismissal of five corrupt judges as the Judiciary’s battle against corruption continues.

Montazeri said the corrupt judges were sacked on Saturday, Tasnim reported.

In order to fight crime, the Judiciary itself must be cleansed of corruption, he said, adding that the Judiciary will not show tolerance for wrongdoers in any position.

He pointed out that 11,000 judges are employed by the Judiciary.

The few corrupt individuals must not be allowed to damage the Judiciary’s image, Montazeri stressed.

Under Ebrahim Raisi, the Judiciary has launched a fresh attempt to combat corruption, which has so far seen the arrest of many individuals, including those working in the Judiciary.

“Officials of the Judiciary will not allow corruption to nest in any location within the system, and on the agenda must be finding the best way to recognize these [corrupt] individuals,” Raisi said back in August. 

“Anywhere within the administrative, judicial, economic, cultural or political system that becomes infected with corruption, we will confront it,” he stated.

Raisi has also said that the Judiciary is dead-set to confront even those “white collars” who deem themselves as the red lines which the system cannot cross.

“In confronting corruption, we do not know any red lines except for [not] implementing the law,” he remarked.


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