By Abdullahi Junaidu

4 years of Zaria Massacre

November 9, 2019 - 14:42

NIGERIA/ KATSINA - 1/03/1441AH in Islamic calendar marks exactly 4 years of Zaria massacre perpetrated by bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarian’s Nigerian army under the order and watch of American proxy server in Nigeria, tyrant President Buhari.

Where they did all sort of evilness and crimes against humanity.

* It was the day that they merciless and inhumanely massacred over 1000+ innocent and patriot civilians with no offence.
* It was the day that they butchered many infants and babies that knew nothing rather than to cry for breast milk.
* It was the day that they set a blazed a 70+ year old woman when she was crying in need of water to survive.
* It was the day that they wiped out 39 families from existence
* It was the day that they mercilessly butchered 193 children
* It was the day that they murdered 297 women, 548 men and 23 pregnant women
* It was the day that they set a blazed hundreds of vehicles due to barbarism and senseless
* It was the day that they merciless and inhumanely exhumed corpses of martyrs that were buried a year before.
* It was the day that they buried all the corpses of the killed Shi'ah citizens in mass grave at Mando, Kaduna state without proper ritual as recommended by any religion and without differentiation between genders, the worst was that, some of them were alive and begging for water to survive.
* It was the day that they demolished worship centers, graveyards and a resident of top Shi'ah cleric, leader of Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H)

All these evilness and crimes against humanity were perpetrated by bloodsuckers Nigerian Army within 48 hours, while they rushed and washed bloodshed on the affected roads to hide evidence and fabricated concocted lies to justify all the killing, but unfortunately to them, all what they hide has become clearly to public.
During his interview with DW channel, Saudi Prince, Mohammad Bn Salman declared that they are the mastermind of all the massacre in other to break Iran's influence in Africa, as he said.
This brought out clearly their absurd plan which they have woefully failed.

Since from that time, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were taken to illegal detention incommunicado without trial despite the fact that they have gun wound in their body and there were no proper medical treatment.
Followers of Sheikh Zakzaky sued Nigerian Govt to court demanding the immediate and unconditional release of the couples, the judgement which the couples had finally won but are not yet released due to court order violation and contempt of court by the Govt,
Again, the couple's lawyers had filed an application demanding court to allowed them to travel to abroad for proper medical treatment due to diagnosis made by foreign expert doctors that find worst report on their health status and recommended them to be flown to abroad for that purpose, the trip which the Govt has deliberately aborted after judge had granted them to fly.

This Govt showed all kind of mistreatment,hate, political and religious bias against Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers, because the tyrant President Buhari has given order from his western masters to do so

And the reason behind that, is, the Sheikh used to expose all their evil plot against innocents Nigerians, more especially in terms of looting public treasury, killing innocent citizens in the name of Islam and awakening Nigerians to stand and demand for Justice.

Till date the spouse are in illegal detention incommunicado under Tyrant President Buhari Gulag despite the fact that their health conditions continue to deteriorate, and courts verdict that orders their release and to be paid compensation.

We are reiterating our demand that our leader Sheikh Zakzaky must be free for the peace of our dear nation.
This Govt should know that:
 No peace, no reform, not even a national solution should be guaranteed without the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky.
It is neither in Government's hand, nor in Western powers hand to guarantee that for the country, understand that!

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