Iranian troupe to take “Happy Days” to Armenia

November 13, 2019 - 18:13

TEHRAN – The Iranian theater troupe Hedayat led by director Vahid Taqizadeh will perform Irish playwright Samuel Beckett’s play “Happy Days” at the Goy Theater Hall in Yerevan, Armenia tonight.

Written in 1961, the play is about Winnie, a middle-aged woman who is half-buried in the earth and has a black bag next to her. Her husband, Willie, is buried in a hole behind her and speaks only a few words.

Winnie takes out some items from her bag and the items trigger memories in her life, including moments shared with her husband. As the play develops to the second act, we see Winnie buried up to her neck and all she has is her words.

A cast composed of Elnaz Yaqubi and Sorush Hashemi will perform the play in English.

Photo: A poster for an Iranian troupe’s performance of Samuel Beckett’s play, “Happy Days”, at the Goy Theater Hall in Yerevan, Armenia.


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