Cleric calls for keeping vigilance against soft war plots 

November 15, 2019 - 15:52

TEHRAN – As the foes are unable to harm Iran militarily, it is necessary that the Iranians be more united and vigilant in the face of the enemies’ soft war plot, Tehran Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani told worshipers in Tehran.

“The enemy is not capable of countering us militarily, but they can embark on infiltrating in our decision-making centers via the sharp weapon of influence,” the senior cleric explained. 

“Zionists are neither Jew nor Christian, but they are anti-God, anti-human and anti-values.”He further said, “When the enemy is talking to the rulers in the Arab countries it is clear that being Shiite or Sunni has no meaning for them, who are only after waging war against the entire Islamic world.”

Pointing to the enemies’ plot to undermine unity in the Islamic world, the Friday prayers leader said, “Iran has never said that ‘the Jewish race should not exist’, instead, we believe that the Zionists are neither Jew nor Christian, but they are anti-God, anti-human and anti-values.”

Kashani went on to say that the arrogant powers only care about their own interests. “It does not care about any religion, sect, Shiite, Sunni or Jew, but it cares only about its own interests.”  

The remarks by Ayatollah Kashani come as Iran is hosting the international Islamic unity conference.


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