Folios from Shahnameh sell for over $2.1 million at Baran Auction 

November 16, 2019 - 18:39

TEHRAN – Five folios from a rare manuscript of the Shahnameh, the epic masterpiece of the Persian poet Ferdowsi, has fetched 91 billion rials (over $2.1 million) during the 4th Baran Auction, which is dedicated to the sale of calligraphic paintings and calligraphy works.

The manuscripts inscribed in the nastaliq style of Persian calligraphy dates back to the Timurid period (ca. 1370-1507).

Ninety-four artworks were offered at the auction held at Tehran’s Rayzan International Conference Center on Friday evening. It took in over 260 billion rials (over $6 million) as 25 items failed to find buyers.

The second highest-priced item sold at the auction was a miniature portrait of Princess Navab Akbari Beigom decorated with calligraphy works around it. The artwork had been created by an Indian artist during the Zand dynasty (1751-1794). The artwork fetched 57 billion rials (over 1.3 million).

A cylinder bearing a Persian translation of the Cyrus Cylinder by calligrapher Hossein Niktalab was the third highest-grossing item at the auction, selling for 39 billion rials (about $930,000). 

The inscription weighs 65 kilograms, containing over 8 kilograms of turquoise and 18.5 kilograms of opal stone.

A ring bearing verses of the Holy Quran engraved by Hossein Yasavul, and a calligraphic painting by Hassan Zarrinqalam came next.

A metal engraving featuring verses of the Holy Quran fetched 77 billion rials (over $1.8 million) at the third edition of the auction in February.

The engraving was created by Ali-Akbar Khanzadeh on two gold-plated bronze sheets, each of which measures 180 by 147 cm.

Mahbubeh Kazemi Dulabi is the founder and CEO of the auction, which was launched on September 30, 2016.

Photo: Auctioneer Shahram Shakiba takes a bid for the sale of five folios from a rare manuscript of the Shahnameh during the 4th Baran Auction at the Rayzan International Conference Center in Tehran on November 15, 2019. The artwork was the top seller, fetching over 91 billion rials (over $2.1 million). (Honaronline/Mohammad Namazi) 


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