Presidential advisor calls for establishment of independent human rights body 

November 23, 2019 - 23:50

TEHRAN – A senior aide to the Iranian president has highlighted the necessity of setting up an independent human rights institution to provide legitimate and reliable reports at national and international levels. 

Hesamulddin Ashna’s remarks came at the 59th meeting of legal affairs coordination council on Saturday. 

“An institution independent from the government, the parliament and the judiciary panel should be legally set up,” he suggested.

“The institution should not fulfil its mission under monitoring or pressure of the government or judiciary bodies.”

The advisor argued that without such a body the human rights charter will remain “incomplete”.

“Without such an independent national institution, human and citizenship rights charter is incomplete, because when we talk about citizenship rights and their violations, we could not expect those who violate them embark on reporting their own violations,” Ashna explained. 

He went on to say, “The proposed institution should be capable of revealing its findings in the fields of human and citizenship rights openly and clearly. Such a watchdog institution can turn the citizenship rights from a silent text into a dynamic spirit in the society.” 

“In our country, the issue of human rights has been misused and misunderstood (and) that is why the (vice president) for legal affairs should hold consultation with the Supreme National Security Council to clear up misunderstandings and at the same time deepen the officials’ attention to the issue of human and citizenship rights,” Ashna stated. 

Ashna added, “The same consultation should be done with the judiciary panel to convince the panel’s judges that there will be no interference between the missions of the panel and the proposed institution.”


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