Large batch of shotguns seized before gas price rise protests: TV

November 25, 2019 - 20:3

TEHRAN – Iranian security and intelligence forces have seized a large number of black shotguns over the last one and a half years, the national TV said in a report aired on Sunday, revealing that such guns were used during the riots in certain cities in Iran last week.

Hamzeh Paryab, a security expert, was cited by the channel 3 of the TV as saying, “These black shotguns are unique which have been manufactured in one of the neighboring countries and were transferred to Iran (by unknown smugglers) in large quantity.”

Paryab said, “An important characteristic of the said shotguns is that its buttstock is flexible in order to be simply hidden under the users’ clothes with only 40 centimeters of length.”

The expert added, “The shotgun is light in terms of weight and can fire five case-shots in each time of equipping. The shotgun’s case-shot is strong enough that can destroy an elephant’s leg from close distance.”

Elsewhere, the channel 3 reported that the Intelligence Ministry, the police and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps had seized a large number of such guns during the last 18 months. 

The shotguns have been seized in different provinces of Golestasn, Tehran, Isfahan, Khuzestan and Ilam. 

Base on documents released on the TV, the said shotgun had been used by a terrorist group in Libya.  


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