Oil ministry to hold innovation event in mid-Dec.

December 4, 2019

TEHRAN – Iranian Oil Ministry plans to hold the country’s first innovation event in the oil industry, in mid-December, Shana reported.

The event dubbed “Petroleum Take-Off”, is going to focus on gathering and integrating various technology fields in the oil industry’s supply and demand sectors.
To be attended by the country’s renowned oil, gas and petrochemical companies, the event is aimed to improve and promote various factors in the country’s oil industry, including development, learning, streamlining, selecting and opportunity-making.

According to Director General of Oil Ministry’s Research Affairs Department Mehdi Ahmad Khanbeigi, the event is meant to address various challenges and innovative requirements in the country’s oil industry.

The event consists of four main sections and one side event including a technology supply exhibition (attended by knowledge-based and startup companies), a technology demand exhibition (attended by oil ministry’s subsidiaries), the "every challenge-a solution" event (attended by startup groups and scholars), a university student event called “petro-test”, and a technology tour featuring senior executives from the oil industry operations.


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