By Abdullahi Junaidu Katsina

Sheikh Zakzaky and Nigerian Govt

December 7, 2019 - 12:11
3 years of court verdict

Nigeria- Today Monday 2nd December 2019 marks exactly 3 years from the victorious day that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenah defeated Nigerian Govt and DSS in a court, the trial presided by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of Federal High Court Abuja on 2nd December 2016.

The trial filed by Sheikh Zakzaky through his brave lawyers led by Mr. Femi Falana SAN, where they sued Nigerian Govt and DSS into court demanding the freedom of the Sheikh and his wife, compensation of their destroyed resident and violation their right to liberty.

After spending months debated between Nigerian Govt and Sheikh Zakzaky lawyers where to the extent the Judge made an unforgettable and a unique verdict; 

*That, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife should be release unconditionally,
*Should be given the compensation of 25milollion each, making 50million both for violation of their right to freedom, 
*Govt should provide a resident for them
*I.G of police should appoint not less than a rank of Inspector of Police to accompany them in respect of protecting them
*All the above mentioned should be done in less than 45 days from the day of that verdict.

But unfortunately,this bloodthirsty President Buhari led Govt refused to comply with any one of the above mentioned in the verdict despite the fact that the detainees are carrying bullets in their body and their health status is deteriorating.

Sequel to all these atrocities labeled against these innocent and peaceful Nigerian citizens, they are till date following all peaceful channel to see their leader free, which include peaceful protest and press conference among others
But till date this moron President, dictator, clueless, incompetent, bloodthirsty tyrant Buhari refuse to free them, he use to order his coward soldiers to attack the peaceful protest in sometimes instead of releasing the detainees

In my final note, i want to Nigerian President and his cabals that are behind this Zaria Massacre and continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky to be rest assured that; you are in power today, you would definitely be out of power tomorrow, the aftermath of all the atrocities you have perpetrated today will appear to you tomorrow, and you must pay with your lives, the families of those that were brutally slaughtered by you today will never spare you and your family to live peacefully and your western masters couldn't protect you, the crime you committed will never be swept under the carpet.

And lastly, this Islamic Movement led by Sheikh Zakzaky has came to live forever going no where and it should one day engulf Nigeria in particular and African in general by God grace


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