Iran’s gas industry to be fully indigenized within 5 years

December 9, 2019 - 12:41

TEHRAN - Head of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said his company is seriously pursuing a plan for indigenizing all the technology and equipment needed in the country’s gas industry within the next five years, IRIB reported on Monday.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the country’s first Gas Tech Show, which is an event focusing on technology development for the gas industry’s necessary equipment, Hassan Montazer Torbati said “In this process, we completely indigenize the technology and equipment required in the gas industry so that we won’t need to import any technology or equipment in all the industry chain from refining to distribution.”

“Reaching self-sufficiency and domestic production is a long term process that is not easily achieved, however in recent years we have pursued it seriously and we are achieving positive outcomes,” he said.

In the gas industry, we have achieved a considerable degree of self-sufficiency, and since the industry was officially formed after the revolution, it now has the highest self-sufficiency rate, he added.

According to the official, the oil ministry has been seriously supporting the country’s knowledge-based companies and startups and has encouraged their contribution to the country’s oil and gas industry.

Back in June, NIGC held a reverse pitch panel to address the industry’s technological issues, and to benefit from the capabilities and capacities of the knowledge-based companies and academics active in the industry.

According to Torbati, after assessment and prioritization, practical ideas that offered appropriate and executive solutions to the targeted issues would be chosen to go through trials in the form of research projects and finally be implemented.

Despite the unjust U.S. sanctions, Iran has made considerable advances in science and technology in almost all areas during the past 30 years. 

In recent years, the growth in Iran's scientific output is reported to be among the fastest in the world.


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