55m saplings to be planted in Iran within 4 months

December 9, 2019 - 19:27

TEHRAN – A campaign to plant 14 million saplings in a week kicked off in Iran on Thursday under the Forests, Range, and Watershed Management Organization (FRWMO)’s wider plan to lead the planting of 55 million saplings.

The campaign, called “mass planting movement for greener Iran”, was launched to plant some 14 million young trees over a period of seven days, which is part of a wider plan to fight against environmental degradation.

Some 42 million saplings are planned to be planted across the country by the next 4 months, Khosro Shahbazi, head of FRWMO said.

He announced that a budget of €100 million was provided to plant 14 million saplings, €24.6 million of which is paid by FRWMO and part of which will be allocated from the National Development Fund.

Under the plan, forests will grow by more than 24,000 hectares, Fars news agency quoted Shahbazi as saying on Thursday.

Over the recent years, the country has suffered from the negative impact of climate change especially in relation to droughts.

With climate change affecting almost all the world, planting trees is indispensable; as over the past 150 years, carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 30 percent, which is very harmful to health, Shahbazi lamented.

Increased CO2 emissions are usually caused by increased deforestation, which then results in elevated ambient temperatures, he noted.

There are various ways to deforestation namely, road construction, water transfer and implementation of projects and plans, but our major plan is to minimize environmental damages, he concluded.


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