By Payam Mohebbi, Head of Tehran Pet Hospital

International Animal Rights Day: why animal rights should be protected?

December 10, 2019 - 12:59

TEHRAN – Observance of International Animal Rights Day draws public attention to recognize animal rights, stop cruelty against them and give them the opportunity to live the life that God has granted them.

International Animal Rights Day is celebrated annually on December 10, which coincides with the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

On December 10, 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to prevent the repetition of World War II and concentration camps. But some years ago activists demanded expansion of the Declaration, stating that animals also have rights not to suffer pain and die because of human activity. 

Unfortunately, despite the emphasis on religious studies and Iranian culture, animal rights in our society are not respected as they should, or rather, it is whether strictly considered or totally violated, there is nothing in between.

Regarding a common understanding of animal rights, some people claim that we cannot deal with human rights let alone animal rights, however, respecting the rights of animals does not come at a cost or bring them any difficulties, it is solely about decent behavior that human must have toward any of God's creatures.

Human should not only respect each other but recognize animal rights; it may be thought that countries with greater economic and social prosperity are more concerned about animal rights, but this is a misconception and there might be mistreatment of animal species even in those countries.

The point is, however, our duty as human beings is to think of other species in addition to human beings, and at least provide the suitable living conditions for other species and take steps toward their preservation.

On the other hand, human beings with their intellect and perception can understand that the removal of any creature from the ecosystem will disrupt a small part of their life cycle and can ultimately be a threat to the survival of human.

Humans have long thought that with their power and knowledge, they can prevail over the whole nature, but after years it has been proven that even with all the power we have, we are nothing more than nature, and only a small point on the planet.

Talking about animal rights is not the way to protect it, but the fact is that we have to take the needs of other species into consideration in order to preserve human life. 

Respecting the rights of animals means that animals should have a normal life that God gave them and human must not interfere or violate their rights of living.

Remember that only human beings who respect the rights of animals, respect human rights as well; so let's work hard to respect animal rights.


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