Tehran Municipality to award movies promoting less waste 

December 14, 2019 - 18:39

TEHRAN – Tehran Municipality has announced its plan to award movies that promote waste reduction.

“Those movies that promote less waste will be honored at the National Will Manifestation Awards this year during the Fajr Film Festival,” Tehran Waste Management Organization director Sadreddin Alipur said on Friday.     

The awards are presented to those films that promote issues being pursued by some public organizations and institutes. Juries from the organizations select winners from the films screened at the Fajr Film Festival every year.

Over 20 movies will premiere during the 38th Fajr Film Festival, which will take place in Tehran from February 1 to 10.  

“Population growth, urbanization, industrial activities and changing consumption patterns have triggered the production of millions tons of trash in the country,” Alipur said.

“To achieve better management of waste we need all people, one by one to be involved in this issue, and the problem needs to be highlighted in public opinion,” he added.

He noted that the Tehran Waste Management Organization will never succeed in its mission if the organization doesn’t have every individual’s contribution.

Based on a report published by the Tehran City Council in March, an average of 8000 to 9000 tons of household waste is generated in Tehran every day.

In addition, every citizen in Tehran every day produces an average of 800 to 900 grams of trash, two to three times higher than the global average, the report said.

Photo: A man walks past flags bearing logos for the Fajr Film Festival at Tehran’s Mellat Cineplex, February 2019. (FFF/Bahar Asgari) 

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