Overseas musicians performing at Tehran Southern Nights festival

January 19, 2020 - 18:40

TEHRAN – A group of musicians from France, Austria, the Netherlands and Egypt has joined musicians from southern Iran in Tehran to perform during a three-day festival named “Southern Nights”.

Saazbuzz, a Tehran-based cultural institute, is the organizer of the festival, which opened at the Niavaran Cultural Center on Sunday. 

Egyptian percussionist Amir Wahba and Martin Breuer from Austria are among the musicians who will perform tonight.

A Dutch trio composed of Mark Tuinstra, Maria Gamez and Babak Maddah and a French trio composed of Titi Robin, Francis Varis and Jose Luis Do Nascimento will also give performances during the festival.

Veteran Iranian musician Qanbar Rastgu, known as Khalu Qanbar, and Iranian band Damahi gave concerts on the first day of the festival. 

The festival will go on with performances by Iranian jazz guitarist Mahan Mirarab and a concert by Reza Kulaghani, Ebrahim Alavi and Hamzeh Yeganeh. 

The festival will come to an end with performances by the Dutch and French trios. 

Photo: A poster for the Southern Nights music festival.


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