By Mahnaz Abdi

Tavaniran match-making system to strengthen domestic production

January 21, 2020 - 13:41

TEHRAN- During a press conference on Tuesday, Domestic Production Center of Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade unveiled “Tavaniran system”, which is aimed at invigorate and strengthen domestic production through strong match-making between producers of Iranian products and the consumers inside the country.

Addressing the conference, Mohammad-Mehdi Hadavi, the head of the center, elaborated on the performance and objectives of the system and said promotion of domestic production through benefitting from Iranian producers’ potentials and capabilities is the major goal of this system.

Referring to the law on the most use of domestic production capacity and supporting Iranian products, which was approved by the Iranian parliament (Majlis) on May 5, 2019, the official said the center is launching Tavaniran as an approach to materialize the targets set by this law.

Hadavi further explained, “The mentioned law is to support the production projects. These projects are mainly implemented by state-run organizations, semi-governmental bodies, and private organizations and companies, while the banks, universities and most of other institutes and centers are also involved; therefore, it could be said that this law is addressing almost all organizations, companies, centers and institutes.”

Mentioning Tavaniran, the official said, “Through this system we are pursuing three major policies. The first one is to introduce our domestic capabilities. The second one is to inform the importers of foreign equipment and products about existence of similar domestic goods. And the third one is making a strong relation between the producers and buyers and preserve it.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the head of Domestic Production Center explained the process of setting up factories and plants in line with the law on the most use of domestic production capacity and supporting Iranian products.

He said, “The process includes four major stages. The first one is designing, which was many times conducted by the foreign companies. So, for the similar projects we needed foreign technology. But the mentioned law obliges the producer to design its plant relying on domestic knowledge and technology.”

The second stage is installation of equipment and machinery, which should be domestically manufactured as well, Hadavi said, adding the third stage is launching the plant, and the fourth one is guaranteeing the products. All these stages should be completely done relying on domestic capabilities.

The official further mentioned the domestic productions desks set up in the ministry and said about €1.2 billion have been saved through measures taken through the nine desks operating in this regard, while the amount of saving will rise through eight more desks which are planned to be established.

Hadavi went on to say that import of foreign products has two main reasons. One is that the importers do not know about the domestic products. So, Tavaniran aims to lay a proper ground to make them acquainted with the Iranian products and equipment.

“The second reason is quality of domestic products that in some cases is lower than the quality of foreign products. In this case, it is our duty in the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to cooperate with the country’s universities and also the President’s Office for Scientific and Technology Affairs to elevate quality and standard of Iranian products”, the official added.

Promotion of domestic production has been one of the major strategies that Iran has been following since the U.S. re-imposition of sanctions on its economy.

In order to increase the country’s independence, the Iranian government has put supporting domestic producers atop agenda in the current year which is named the year of "Pickup in Production" by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Realization of this motto toward Iran’s self-reliance is in fact the only way to tackle the U.S. cruel sanctions and all governmental bodies have defined programs to boost and flourish domestic production and are seriously pursuing them.

Providing the required working capital for the production units and offering them facilities is one of the major measures being pursued by the government to support such units.

And in this due, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade has defined seven major plans to materialize this significant objective, among them the most important one which is development of domestic production has specified programs for boosting production of products in different sectors.

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