Fajr festival play reveals impacts of war on veterans’ families 

February 1, 2020 - 18:26

TEHRAN – The 38th Fajr International Theater Festival will present a play titled “Life with the Taste of Mustard”, which illustrates the repercussions of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war on the families of the veterans.

Written by Mohammad Ghadirzadeh, the play will go on stage in the non-competitive section of the festival at Tehran’s Sarv Theater today, the organizers have announced.

“Soldiers and veterans are not the protagonists of the play, but their children and wives and the destructive effects of the vicious chemical attacks on the next generations and their victims are the central themes of the play,” director Saeid Najafian has said

“I really wanted to stage a play to show the patience of the wives and children of soldiers, war veterans and the prisoners of war, and what has become of them through all these years,” he added.

He also said that he did not want to produce a play to attract the organizers of the festival but wanted the general audience to watch and enjoy the play.

Yaqub Salehi, Ali Yaqubzadeh, Bahar Karimzadeh, Salar Najafian, Melika Aslafi and Helma Yaqubzadeh are the members of the cast.

Abbas Kermaninejad directed “Life with the Taste of Mustard,” in Tehran in 2011. 

The 38th Fajr International Theater Festival, which opened in Tehran on January 30, will be running until February 9.

Photo: Members of director Saeid Najafian’s troupe perform “Life with the Taste of Mustard” at Tehran’s Sarve Theater. (Tiwall/Zia Safavian)


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