By Martin Love

Black swans if not dangerous raptors are everywhere

February 15, 2020 - 11:1

NORTH CAROLINA - One has to be cynical about the primaries run by the Democratic Party to choose a nominee to challenge President Donald Trump next November.

The only candidate by many accounts who has a chance to beat Trump (who was not convicted in the U.S. Senate after his impeachment because no witnesses, no thanks to the Republicans, were permitted to testify at the trial), is Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders happens to be the most consistent and honest of the candidates, but even if he gets into the White House he is unlikely to save “America” from the ultimate Karma of its ugly behavior over the past 30 years plus.

The best that Sanders or equivalent could do is to attempt a cleanup of the government and system or reform it so thoroughly that it’s like starting from scratch: a world where paper fiat money simply cannot continue to determine and corrupt who wins and who loses in America, and where the Military-Industrial Complex has lost its power to screw up U.S. foreign policy.

However, the Iowa Caucus last week was mismanaged badly due to internal corruption by the Democratic Party such that even though Sanders had a plurality of the vote, he was denied the limelight and a little-known challenger, one Pete Buttigieg, 38, may have picked up the most delegates. So, for now, no one of clear mind can trust the current Democratic Party leaders, or really, for that matter, either of the two major political parties.

Both political parties rig elections. When the U.S. castigates other countries such as Bolivia for alleged “voting irregularities” and then conducts a coup to install a right-wing, racist government that is disempowering indigenous people, one has to both laugh and cry: it’s in the U.S., less so anywhere overseas, where alleged “democracy” has become almost a joke and power rests in the hands of corrupted, big money oligarchs and corporations that bribe politicians to do their bidding.

One of Pete Buttigieg’s biggest supporters, for example, is Seth Klarman, a Jewish hedge fund billionaire who can’t do enough for Apartheid Israel (like Adelson), while the candidate’s only claim to fame is a Rhodes Scholarship. Otherwise, he is a power grubbing empty suit who dreams of escaping South Bend, Indiana, where he has been a lackluster city mayor for several years and also a “married” homosexual. An article allegedly from the South Bend newspaper from August 1998 appeared last weekend (and then quickly disappeared, as expected) reporting that a 16-year-old Buttigieg had been arrested for suspicion of murdering by strangulation five stray dogs just for kicks.

 If this fellow (who was a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan for several months and doing some dirty work for the CIA) ever did become President, you can bet he is going to be murdering a lot more than dogs. You can’t make this stuff up and American “democracy” has sunk far, far beneath Iran’s, it would appear. Anyway, the first real primary in New Hampshire is ahead this week and it appears from voter polls that Sanders will win it, but it is possible that outcome could be corrupted by the Democratic party “leaders”.

The sole litmus test for the Trump Administration of a claimed healthy U.S. economy has been the “stock market”, which continues to hover at nosebleed, record highs. (The so-called economy for the past decade has done virtually nothing for average citizens, most of whom don’t own stocks, but quite a lot for billionaires.) It all looks very similar to the U.S. stock market in 1929 during which pundits were claiming the market had reached a “permanently high plateau”.

 This was just before the crash that eventually knocked off 90 percent of the “value” of the market and led to the worldwide Depression of the 1930s. Trump is skating on very thin ice because the U.S. economy and the markets WILL implode. It’s only a matter of time, and it MAY happen before the elections in November but Trump is desperate that it not since if it did he would not win a second term in the White House. It is quite possible that the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus worldwide and resultant economic dislocations may be the “Black Swan” that destroys the economy and thus the Trump Administration.

At any rate, if Bernie Sanders is the candidate opposing Trump in November and if by some lucky chance he should win the election, Iran could probably expect the end of sanctions, something like the resurrection of the JCPOA or similar, the end of the vast American military presence and wars in West Asia, the end of excessive U.S. government kowtowing to the Zionists’ Apartheid regime, and maybe even the freeing of Julian Assange and others who have blown the proverbial whistle on American war crimes and malfeasance. That would certainly look and feel like nirvana to anyone of sound mind and heart after so many years of horror and cruelty meted out by various U.S. administrations in Washington.

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