‘Oil Ministry determined to upgrade oil sector standards’

February 19, 2020 - 15:45

TEHRAN- Iran’s deputy oil minister for engineering, research, and technology affairs said Oil Ministry is taking serious measures for improving standards in the oil industry, Shana reported on Tuesday.

“The issue of updating standards and increasing the quality of the certification body in the oil industry is being seriously pursued,” Saeed Mohammadzadeh said.

Speaking in the closing ceremony of a gathering of startups and knowledge-based companies active in the oil industry on Tuesday, Mohammadzadeh said: “One of the most important tools used to support knowledge-based and startup companies is the research and innovation regulation, which has fortunately been approved by the ministry.”

These regulations will able us to provide a framework for the presence of different startups and knowledge-based companies in the oil industry by accepting risks and presenting guaranteed purchase for their models, the official said.

Iranian Oil Ministry has been taking serious measures to encourage the private sector to participate in the country’s oil and gas projects and in this regard keeping up with the global standards has been a serious issue when handing over various projects to non-governmental entities. 

Back in December 2019, Mohammadzadeh had said that Oil Ministry is utilizing the high scientific capacities of the country for implementation of its projects.

“Today, the Oil Ministry is conducting 26 research projects through cooperation with 16 top universities and research institutes of the country, and given that these major universities benefit from the contribution of a network of universities, so research measures of Oil Ministry are in fact applying a vast scientific potential in the country”, the official said.

Through this cooperation, universities help the development of the oil industry and the Oil Ministry helps elevation of scientific status in the country, he noted.


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