UN supports Iran’s resistance economy plans

February 19, 2020 - 16:32

TEHRAN – The United Nations supports Iran’s resistance economy programs, Ugochi Daniels, UN resident coordinator and representative of UN secretary general in Iran has said.

The notion of resistance economy was introduced by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in 2013 to refer to an economy based on higher production and self-sufficiency, greater investment from oil incomes, financial reform, greater transparency and “knowledge-based” industries. 

“I was very interested in the government's emphasis on creating economic, social and developmental infrastructure in the villages,” said Daniels in a specialized workshop on employment in rural areas held in Tehran on Tuesday.

Daniels lauded the performance of the vice-presidency for rural development and deprived areas, highlighting the positive aspects of government focus on development and job creation in rural areas. “Creating jobs in rural areas and establishing a high council of villages and nomads is very important in this regard,” she noted.

The UN also supports rural development and employment, she said, expressing pleasure that the vice presidency is working with the United Nations on employment and rural development.

The United Nations program is to support sustainable and comprehensive development around the world, she noted, highlighting, the UN has over 75 years of experience in assistance and support 200 countries. 

“Our experience shows that targeted investment for the underprivileged areas will improve the countries’ condition,” she added.

“Based on what we have as a worldwide experience, the UN wants to support Iran's resisting economy on the basis of its plans. So we will support job creation and social development, as well as vulnerable people and household heads,” she explained.

Therefore, Iran can count on the UN for its goals of assisting rural employment, she noted.

She went on to add that 80 percent of the villagers have migrated to the cities, but this pattern should be reversed.


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