Filmmakers Majidi, Rustai inject hope, promise victory over new virus 

March 2, 2020 - 18:5

TEHRAN – Iranian filmmakers Majid Majidi and Saeid Rustai have written letters of hope, promising days of victory and celebration up ahead in the fight against the new virus. 

In a statement released on Sunday by Majidi, the director of “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God”, praised the invaluable efforts made by the doctors, nurses and medical staff in combating the coronavirus.

“This time, coronavirus is at first sight the shadow of fear, worry and horror, and the more we move forward the more the fear appears. But this is one side of the coin. The other side is sympathy and sacrifice reaching its peak, that is to sacrifice one’s life to save the other individual and on the frontline are the doctors, nurses and medical staff; I lay a kiss on the hands of these dear individuals,” Majidi wrote on his statement.

“They happen to be epics like the soldiers who protected our dear country for eight years. The medical staff, the doctors and nurses gave meaning to the words of sacrifice and compassion once again,” he added.

“But this time, be sure that you dear ones who have always had your high social status will win people’s hearts. I have no doubts we Iranian people will pass this problem like other problems through sympathy and compassion once again, and will celebrate the days after this disease is gone altogether,” he concluded.

Rustai, the director of the acclaimed movies “Just 6.5” and “Life+1 Day”, also wrote on his Instagram page about injecting hope into society under the current conditions in the country, which is struggling with the spread of the new coronavirus.

“I am a daydreamer and in my dreams, I have no doubts that this new wandering virus will run out of breath one day. I let my dreams fly away and pass these fearful days. Close your eyes off at the bombardment of despair and be hopeful to a future when this epidemic has been captured by the sacrifice of people,” he wrote.

“In my dreams, I pass by all the corridors of all the hospitals and hear the jokes uttered by the nurses, I see a doctor who assures his little daughter that he would be back home and hug her soon,” he added. 

“The farther I fly in my dreams, the more I feel assured that death will be beaten by life,” he concludes.

In addition, the Iranian House of Cinema expressed love and support to the Iranian healthcare staff treating people with coronavirus.

Photo: This combination photo shows Majid Majidi (L) and Saeid Rustai. (Photos by Fatemeh Rajezi and Reza Ahadzad)


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