Rumi expert Mohammad-Ali Movahhed consoles compatriots on coronavirus outbreak in Iran 

March 9, 2020 - 18:26

TEHRAN – Mohammad-Ali Movahhed, a top Iranian expert on Persian poet Molalna Jalal ad-Din Rumi, has consoled his compatriots with his message of hope and comfort over the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

“It is a bad time but I have no doubts that in the battle between death and life, life will win,” he wrote in his message published by some Persian media on Sunday.

“Dear friends, there has been a horrifying war with an enemy which you do not see but it sees you. In a battlefront as wide as the world from east to west, every man, woman, young and old are dealing with this war,” he said.

“Nurses and doctors are the heroes at the frontlines who are honored with the bravery medals and hear words of appreciations from every corner, and absolutely they deserve such praise and appreciation, however, they are dressed in protective clothing and have learned how to deal with the disease,” he said.

“I feel the sorrow for those individuals who make livings daily, daily wage earners and workers like those construction workers who work with dust and mud and cement to make a living for their family every day,” he lamented.

“I have no doubts the delay in daily activities will make their lives harder. We must feel for them, we must not forget the honest and hardworking men and women who are going through these hard days. It is a bad time but I have no doubts that in the battle between death and life, life will win,” he added.

“Dear youth, don’t get bored and don’t lose your hope. I think the world is expecting wonderful events. Today that you are alive, do your duties and don’t lose your hope, a bright future is on the way, though I might not see it, others will surely see,” he concluded.

Photo: Rumi expert Mohammad-Ali Movahhed in an undated photo.


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