Persian readers experience Norwegian writer Hanne Orstavik’s “Love” again

March 15, 2020 - 17:59

TEHRAN – The second edition of a Persian version of Norwegian writer Hanne Orstavik’s novella “Love” has recently been released by Gooya Publications. 

Translated by Ali Salami, the first edition of the Persian translation was published in 2019.

The 1997 book tells the story of Vibeke and Jon, a mother and son who have just moved to a small town in northern Norway. It’s the day before Jon’s birthday, and a traveling carnival has come to the village. Jon goes out to sell lottery tickets for his sports club, and Vibeke is going to the library.

Jon is sure that his mother has a surprise for his birthday, while Vibeke is occupied with concerns of her own and forgets the occasion.

The English translation of “Love” by Martin Aitken won the 2019 PEN America Translation Prize. It was also a finalist for Britain’s Republic of Consciousness Prize as well as the U.S.’s 2018 National Book Award for Translated Literature. 

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Norwegian writer Hanne Orstavik’s novella “Love”.


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