* By Mohammad Ghaderi

Decoding U.S. new behavior in Iraq

March 16, 2020 - 12:11

TEHRAN - American terrorists have launched a new round of hostile moves in the Iraqi territory. American troops have attacked Iraq’s forces, public places and military bases in a move, which is an obvious violation of Iraqi national sovereignty.

The attacks have clearly carried out against the official Iraqi Armed Forces, which have a determining role in the fight against terrorism, and of course, triggered numerous reactions within the country.

In this regard, Iraqi Joint Operation Command issued a statement condemning and denouncing recent U.S. attacks on the positions of Iraqi forces and resistance groups.

By its movement in Iraq, the U.S. is clearly pursuing a major goal, which is raising the cost of implementing the resolution on expelling U.S. troops. In other words, the White House is trying to improve the situation of its troops to survive in Iraq and eventually in the region, if possible, by flaunting military power. If The U.S. cannot carry out this plan if will a burden cost on Iraq.

The point is that, although the PMF has refused to claim the responsibility for the attacks on American base Camp Taji, U.S. has used these attacks as a pretext to destroy the Iraqi bases and forces, who are combating terrorism, as Washington considers them as a serious obstacle for carrying out its hostile plans in Iraq.  

In addition to the concerns over its future presence in the region, the U.S. is dealing with numerous issues such as “the coronavirus crisis inside the country”, “being accused of biological warfare among the world’s public opinion” and “eroded insecure presence in the Iraqi territory”. Therefore, Washington has put a great deal of effort in its agenda to cover up them and divert public opinion in the country and region.

Bombarding the PMF positions, targeting civilian airports and repeatedly violating Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity are among the measures Americans are taking to create insecurity and obstruct the establishment of a steady government in Iraq.

However, in the eyes of national and international public opinion, the Donald Trump administration is regarded as a “secretive” system, which has not presented any transparent and accurate information over past few months about the issues raised. 

Lying about the assassination of the commanders of the resistance movement, secrecy over the causalities of the Iranian missile attack on Ein al-Assad airbase and the facts about U.S. spy plane crash in Afghanistan’s Ghazni city, and more recently releasing inaccurate information about the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. are all the reasons that has caused the Trump administration be challenged by public opinion. 

Accordingly, given the fact that no group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack on Camp Taji, the new round of U.S. military actions seems to be a pre-designed plan to the White House escape the deadlock it has stuck in because of its blunders.

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