By Abdullahi Junaidu

Always have Humanity

April 1, 2020 - 15:11

NIGERIA- When Nigerian citizens are disturbed and crying by staying at home due to this Corona pandemic just for preventing themselves from it. Think of Sheikh Zakzaky that is detained for over 4 years in illegal detention while carrying bullets in his body.

When the Nigerians are crying of staying at home while they are well, having freedom to do whatever they like, to discuss with their family, to look at their children, to sleep with their wives, to watch TV news.

Think of Sheikh Zakzaky that loses all the above mentioned, his children were mercilessly slaughtered on his sight, his resident was demolished, he was dragged on his killed children corpses, he is still carrying bullets in his body as well as his ailing wife, they are detained incommunicado not in his resident but prison with no justification. If Nigerians have 1% reason to cry This man has 1000% reasons to cry.

Till now it is only 1 Juma'at prayer that Nigerians are banned to attend,
Sheikh Zakzaky spent over 4 years without attending even congregational prayer talkless of Weekly Prayer.

Nigerians are forced to stay home for their safety as Government claim,
Sheikh Zakzaky is detained with his health deteriorating denying him access to medical treatment.

Sheikh Zakzaky has been and is still being oppressed since 2015, majority of Nigerians are silent except few having humanity, but today everyone is crying because they are asked to stay at home.

The mentality that make us to abandon some people when they are oppressed and cry only when the catastrophe strike on us will lead us to countless regrets.

Sheikh Zakzaky is still in illegal detention with his health deteriorating carrying bullets in his body as well as his wife, denying them access to their medical doctors despite the court verdict that ordered their total freedom with compensation. I want to every Nigerian that cry for his/her staying at home to remember Sheikh Zakzaky and his condition and compare the two phenomenon.

Always have humanity.

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