Online festival of handmade cookies underway in Zanjan

April 26, 2020 - 21:15

TEHRAN – An online festival of traditional handmade cookies is underway in Zanjan province during the holy month of Ramadan, provincial tourism chief has said. 

The festival aims at introducing the province’s traditional cookies to families as well as promoting consumption of healthy and organic foods, Amir Arjomand said, CHTN reported on Sunday. 

Those interested in participating in this festival can send their videos and photos to the festival’s Instagram page until Ramadan 28 (May 22), he added. 

Like other Iranian provinces, Zanjan has its own traditional cookies and sweets such as Naan Ardak, Shirini Shasti and Naan Chai or Chai Choragi. 

 Zanjan has also a great reputation for its handicrafts. In late January, the capital city of Zanjan was designated as a “world city of filigree” by the World Crafts Council after the WCC assessors visited various craft workshops, stores, exhibits and bazaars of city in a two-day itinerary in last December.

Filigree consists of curling, twisting, or plaiting fine, pliable metal threads and soldering them at their points of contact with each other with a metal groundwork.


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