Poppy flowers plain on agenda for national heritage list

April 28, 2020 - 18:0

TEHRAN – Poppy flowers plain in Malard county, southwest of Tehran, is planned to be inscribed on the national heritage list, a provincial tourism chief has said. 

Hundreds of hectares of the plain is covered in red poppy flowers in late April and early may for approximately two or three weeks, which makes it an eye-catching, must-see landscape in the region, Hamid Karimi said on Monday, IRNA reported. 

He also noted that the national registration of the plain can introduce this tourist attraction to travelers as well as help tourism develop in the region. 

The oldest and perhaps most beautiful evidence of flower bouquets in Iran is found the stone carvings of the UNESCO-registered Persepolis. Over 2500 years old, the stone carvings show Darius I (550 – 486 BC), holding the scepter of authority in one hand and a lotus flower with two buds in his right hand, symbol of royalty. 


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