Abdolhossein Zarrinkub’s “The Dawn of Islam” published in Italy 

May 2, 2020 - 18:29

TEHRAN – An Italian translation of “The Dawn of Islam” by the prominent scholar of Iranian literature Abdolhossein Zarinkub has been published in Italy. 

Published by the Il Cerchio Publishing House in the Italian city of Rimini on March 15, the book has been translated into Italian by Somayyeh Seddiqi under the title “L’alba dell’Islam”.

The book will be available from several online bookshops on May 12 and will next appear in bookstores in July. 

The book reviews the condition of Mecca in Saudi Arabia before and during the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S), in addition to the years after the death of the Prophet of Islam till the end of the Umayyad government.

Zarinkub’s studies on Persian culture, history and literature made him a global Iranologist and undisputed master of Persian literature and poetry. He wrote dozens of books in Persian, French and English, and published hundreds of articles.

Photo: Front cover of the Italian version of “The Dawn of Islam” by Abdolhossein Zarrinkub.


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