By Mahnaz Abdi

Tehran Times goes big on economy

May 3, 2020 - 17:19

TEHRAN- Since its establishment in May of 1979, the Tehran Times, as Iran’s leading English-language newspaper, has been playing a significant role in the national economic development.

In this line, the economic desk of the newspaper, which covers the news related to industry, energy, and trade sectors of the economy, has always provided the most recent information for both people inside the country and those interested in the Iranian market outside the country.

While performing its role of providing news and information, the Tehran Times has been also trying to find and recognize extant problems and barriers in the above-mentioned sectors and offer necessary resolutions through conducting fruitful interviews with related officials and experts, and also providing informative reports and articles.

The leading Iranian newspaper has been always in contact with the foreign media as well, for a constructive exchange of the news, information, and viewpoints.

Energy sector

Energy sector, which has been always Iran’s major source for revenue, is a main area for the news coverage in the economy desk of the Tehran Times.

The latest news in the oil, gas, petrochemicals, electricity and water sectors of the country are vastly published by the daily.

A number of petrochemical complexes in Pars Special Energy Economic Zone (PSEEZ) in the southwestern port city of Assaluyeh

It is a source of honor that the newspaper stood at the first place in the national “Oil & Media Festival” for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. The head of the economic desk of the Tehran Times was awarded the festival’s trophy by the oil minister in both editions of the event.

Industry sector

Self-reliance in production is one of the top priorities of Iran, and industry sector is in the frontline to materialize this objective.

The daily’s coverage of news about different industrial sectors and production units and bringing their issues under the spotlight is a big deal in this due.

The newspaper also investigates existing hurdles and obstacles in the way of industrial self-reliance and offers solutions and strategies to remove them through its detailed reports and interviews.

Trade sector

Having a strategic location in the region, Iran is a trade hub for many countries.

The country has been always hosting many foreign trade delegations visiting Iran hoping for business opportunities.

Meetings are also being held on a regular basis between Iranian officials and foreign counterparts on investigation of different ways and strategies for expansion of trade ties.

Meetings of Iran’s joint economic committees and also joint chambers of commerce with other countries are some important ones in this due.

Covering the news of all these meetings and also other trade events like exhibitions and conferences is a top agenda for the Tehran Times.

 A container ship loading cargos in Shahid Rajaee Port (Iran’s largest container port in southern Hormozgan Province)

Through its strong links with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), the country’s major trade body, the daily also covers all related news highlighting Iran’s trade status and elevating it.

Meanwhile, as the country is now seriously focusing on boosting non-oil trade to reduce its dependence on oil revenues, the economic desk of the Tehran Times is specifically working on the issues and topics for promotion of Iran’s non-oil trade.

Stock market

Stock market in Iran has been booming recently. Number of companies listed on this market is noticeably rising and the market is witnessing more presence of the shareholders.

Even now, when the coronavirus pandemic is hurting many businesses and markets all around the world, Iran’s stock market is experiencing gains and jumps.

The Tehran Times has made undeniable efforts in introduction of Iranian stock market to both domestic and foreign investors and providing them with the latest news from this market.

A view of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

It is worth mentioning that the daily’s all-out endeavors in covering the country’s stock market news, especially in recent years when this market has been experiencing a time of flourishing, has led to winning another title by the Tehran Times, as it stood at the third place in the third national festival of “Bourse & Press” in 2019.

 A voice for private sector

The significant role of private sector in economic development of the countries is something obvious.

In Iran this role is becoming more and more important, as the country is moving toward downsizing the government, and attaching high priority to the privatization program, that is highly stressed by the senior officials who are saying that the shares of the state-run companies specified in this program should be transferred to the private sector as soon as possible.

Through such approach, the government is being downsized while the private sector is becoming strengthened.

While the Tehran Times is playing a noticeable role in highlighting the achievements of private sector through its cemented relation with the country’s chambers of commerce, it also makes this sector’s voice heard by the government through its news coverage of the private units’ problems and limitations.

 Attracting foreign investment, attaining technology

Providing the most recent and comprehensive news and information about business in different sectors of Iran, the Tehran Times has also managed to specifically work on the issues for attracting many foreigners to the country, who bring both investment and technical knowledge.

The newspaper is highly demanded by the other countries’ embassies inside Iran as they want to keep their traders and businessperson well informed of the business opportunities in the country. 

The Tehran Times is, indeed, a valuable and reliable source of information about Iranian market for the foreigners.

Covering the news and information about upcoming international business and trade events in the country, the daily has been playing a noticeable part in attracting the foreigners.

It comes true about hundreds of international exhibitions and conferences held in Iran every year, so that the Tehran Times was named best in the fifth edition of the aforementioned “Oil & Media Festival” in 2017.

The success was achieved for a report on the visit of a group of foreign participants in the 12th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IFP) to petrochemical complexes in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ), located in the port city of Assaluyeh, in Iran’s southwestern Bushehr Province.

To attract foreign investment and import technology to Iran, the newspaper has been also sending its journalists to other countries for participation in different events.

Noticeable presence of foreign participants in an international conference on investment opportunity in Iran’s transport sector

What mentioned above was just a glimpse of the daily’s efforts for elevating the national economy.

And now, after 41 years of professional journalistic endeavors, the Tehran Times is more strongly moving in the way of promoting Iran in all areas including economy.

Meanwhile, as the imposition of the U.S. unilateral sanctions on the country’s economy has put Iran in a path to reach economic self-reliance, the Tehran Times resolves to fulfill its responsibility as the media to help the country materialize this goal.

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