It’s honor to represent Iran: Aaron Geramipoor

May 5, 2020 - 16:47

TEHRAN – Iran national basketball team center Aaron Geramipoor says that it's an honor to represent his father's homeland.

He was a member of Iran basketball team at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China.

Geramipoor in an interview with FIBA has revealed that he is very happy to play for Iran national team.

“Unbelievable. It was just an honor to represent the country of Iran. It's an honor to represent my father's homeland and the Iranian Federation, props to them. They're a bunch of gentlemen. They helped me with the process and all the administrative matters. Then obviously the guys in the team which I'm good friends with. They really did help me throughout the line as well,” he said.

Iran failed to qualify for the knockout stage at the FIBA World Cup 2019, where the Persian suffered three losses against their rivals.   

“We lost by a few points to Puerto Rico and that was a hit for all of us but we took it on the chin. Then we played Tunisia and we played a good game but they pulled it out of the bag and they ended up winning the game. A lot of people on social media and fans that you walk past in the World Cup, they didn't really have any hopes for us. None of them supporting us like 'You are going to get blown out' and 'Just pack up and go home.' Nobody listened to them. Our head coach Mehran Shahintab was the one who lit the fire underneath the veterans and us; they followed it down the line. Everyone was just amped up for the game. We were really close to pulling off a great win, but it only shows the potential of the team from the veterans who have represented around for many years to the young guys and myself being my first year. It just shows the potential in the talent from top to bottom. We were there,” Geramipoor added.

Asked him about veterans there, specifically Hamed Haddadi and how he is as a teammate, Geramipoor answered, “It's great. Yeah, Hamed's a great guy. I'm good friends with him. The World Cup experience just made us even closer than brothers. Not only off the court when he was laughing. Joking, travelling and having fun but on the court, I learned so much from him. He's one of those guys that is just highly talented in many ways and he's not shy to help other guys out. If you need anything, if you need any advice, if you need any assistance, he's always there to help you out. During practice, we talk all the time because we play the same position. He always gives me pointers saying 'Make sure you look for this' or 'This is the best way to attack their defense' and 'If they do this try this.' We were just going back and forth and obviously we competed which was always fun, me and Hamed going up against one another. Great guy. True general on and off the court. I look forward to our next tournaments in Asia Cup next year and obviously the Olympics,” he stated.

The San Lorenzo De Almagro player has glorified the fans in Asia and Iran, saying they give the players extra kind of push.

“The fans in Asia are great. The games I've played in already, the fans showed up, and they were fantastic. As players, we really appreciate that and that helps us bring the best basketball out of us. If I've had the opportunity to play in front of, thank you. For the fans, I'm going to play in front of, I look forward to it and I hope you do, too. I played in Iran, the Super League, obviously. Practicing with the national team and stuff, fans came out to the games, came out to the practices. They were great. It gives you that extra kind of push, the Iranian fans, to perform because not only do you have to perform yourself to win. You have kids that are in sum showing up. You have families always on Instagram, messaging me saying 'Hey, good luck' or commenting on my stuff, like my stuff. You're representing them; you play for them. So, I'd like to thank those fans and all the other people that message me. I don't get back to all of you, but I do see a majority of your messages. I do appreciate that,” he concluded.

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