Ancient fortress in Tehran to be demarcated

May 8, 2020 - 21:30

TEHRAN – The historical Iraj fortress in Pishva, southeast of Tehran, is scheduled to be demarcated by the end of the current Iranian calendar year 1399 (started March 21).

Some estimate that the crumbling fortress dates from the Sassanid era (224–651), however, there are experts who believe that it belongs to the Kayanian dynasty era, a semi-mythological dynasty, which is mentioned in the Persian poet Ferdowsi’s magnum opus, the Shahnameh. 

The demarcation project aims at protecting the historical site from illegal constructions within its boundaries, Tehran’s deputy tourism chief Morteza Adibzadeh said on Thursday, CHTN reported. 

Iraj fortress, also known as Gabri fort by the locals, is one of the lesser-known tourist sites of the country. It is located near the gates of the old city of Rey, now in the southeast of Tehran.

The fortress, which is one of the largest military fortresses of the ancient times, was registered on the National Cultural Heritage List in 2003. 

Measuring about 3,000 square meters in area, the fortress has lost it towers some centuries ago – maybe by erosion, and only lengthy and tall clay ramparts have been left. 

Based on evidence from excavations in 2008, archaeologists believe that the Iraj fortress was likely abandoned shortly after construction.

It seems that people who constructed the Sassanid fortress may have received bad news or were informed of a forthcoming invasion, therefore they leave the site.

The findings also indicated that the structure had been built to house 5,000 people, while the pottery dishes discovered at the site were adequate for only 500 people, so the experts cannot determine the purpose of the structure precisely.


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