Leather output reaches 124 MCFT in a year

May 18, 2020 - 15:10

TEHRAN – Iranian leather production companies managed to produce over 124 million cubic feet (MCFT) of heavy and light leather in the previous Iranian calendar year (ended on March 19), IRNA reported.

Based on the data released by Iranian Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry, light leather output stood at 42 MCFT, while heavy leather production reached 82 MCFT.

According to the Trade Map website, in 2018, Iran was ranked 101 in global leather imports among 198 countries, and as for the exports of the commodity the country was ranked 49 among 176 countries.

According to the mentioned website, Iran imported $1.7 million worth of leather in the said year, while the country’s exports in the same year stood at $75 million.

Currently, there are 228 active units in the leather industry with more than 3,800 employees in various provinces including East Azarbaijan (141 units), Tehran (70 units), Khorasan Razavi (16 units) and Hamedan province (one unit).

The leather industry is one of the important sectors of the global economy. Currently, big countries like Russia and Italy have the upper hand in this industry, although many of the products produced in these countries are made of Iranian leather.


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