The Times writer’s book on inner conflicts threatening Israel published in Persian 

May 18, 2020 - 18:18

TEHRAN – “How Long Will Israel Survive?: The Threat From Within”, a book by Gregg Carlstrom, a correspondent for The Times and The Economist, which analyzes various internal conflicts threatening the Zionist regime, has been published in Persian.

The book published by Dideman in Tehran has been translated by Ehsan Mohammadi and Mohammad-Javad Akhavan.

In this book originally published by the Oxford University Press in 2017, Carlstrom reviews Israel’s most serious challenges coming from within.

There was once a national consensus in Israeli society: politics was split between left and right, but its people were broadly secular and liberal. Over the past decade, the country has fractured into tribes: disparate groups with little shared understanding of what it means to be a Zionist, let alone an Israeli. 

A once-unified population fights internecine battles over religion and state, war and peace, race and identity contesting the very notion of a “Jewish and democratic” state.

While this shift has profound implications for Israel’s relationship with the broadly liberal Jewish diaspora, the greatest consequences will be felt at home.

Israel’s tribes increasingly lead separate lives; even the army, once a great melting-pot, is now a political and cultural battleground. Tamir Pardo, former head of Mossad, has warned of the risk of civil war.

Gregg Carlstrom maps this conflict, from cosmopolitan Tel Aviv to the hilltops of the West Bank, and asks a pressing question: will Israel survive its own internal contradictions?

Carlstrom contributes to a number of other publications, including The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, New York magazine and others.

Photo: A poster for the Persian version of Gregg Carlstrom’s book “How Long Will Israel Survive?: The Threat From Within”. 


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